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Sulphamic Acid

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Molecular Formula:NH2SO3H

Molecular Weight:97.09

CAS No:5329-14-6

Property:White orthorhombic crystal. Non-volatile, non-hygroscopic, smellless. High stability at normal temperature and can maintain original quality for several year. Freely soluble in water and liquid ammonia, strongly acidic in water solution. Slightly soluble in methanol, insoluble in ethanol and ether. Characteristics of double functional group of amidogen and sulfamic, may go on chemical reaction with many matters. Melting point 205℃, decomposing temperature 209℃.


Sulphamic acid content
99.50% min
Sulfate content
0.05% max
Insoluble matter in water
0.02% max
Iron (Fe) content
0.0025% max
Loss on drying
0.05% max



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