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Strontium Carbonate

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Molecular Formula:SrCO3

Molecular Weight:147.62

CAS No:1633-05-2

Property:White powder, dissolved in HCL and nitric acid and give out CO2, micro dissolved in water contain CO2 and ammonia salt liquor, can't dissolved in water, decompose to CO2 and oxidation strontium when heated to 900℃.


Chemical composition
97% Min
Assay (SrCO3) (BaCO3)
1.7% Max
Calcium (CaCO3)
0.5% Maкс
Iron (Fe2O3)
0.01% Max
Sulfate (SO42-)
0.45% Max
Moisture (H2O)
0.5% Max
0.15% Max
Insoluble matter in HCL
0.3% Max



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