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Sodium Chlorate

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Molecular Formula:NaClO3

Molecular Weight:106.45

CAS No:7775-09-9

Property:Usually it is white or slightly yellow cubic crystal, while the metastable form is rhombic crystal. It is cool and salty tasting, readily soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. In acidic solution, it is strongly oxidative. It dissociates and releases oxygen when the temperature exceeds 300℃. Sodium chlorate is unstable, and is inflammable and explosive under impact when mixed with phosphorus, sulfa or organic substances. Easily aggregates by absorbing moisture. Toxic.


Excellent grade--- First-rate Product
Sodium Chlorate
99.5% Min-- 99.0% Min
0.3% Max-- 0.5% Max
Water Insoluble matter
0.01 --0.03
Chloride and Chlorate (Cl)
0.15% Max-- 0.20% Max
Sulfate (SO42-)
0.01-- 0.02
Chromate (CrO4)
0.01-- 0.02
Iron (Fe)
0.005% Max-- 0.03% Max



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