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Benzyl Chloride

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Molecular Formula:C7H7Cl

Molecular Weight:126.56

CAS No:100-44-7

Property:Colorless and transparent liquid with stimulating odor and tear. It may be burning. Opposite density (d2020).1.1 002. Melting point: -39℃. Boiling point 179.3℃. reflective rate(nD20): 1.5391. Air turns it to be explosive mixture. Explosive limit:1.1-14%. Flash-point(open cup): 60℃. Soluble in such solvents as: ethyl ether, alcohol, chloroform etc. Insoluble in water, but evaporating with water stream. Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid.


99% Min
Density p20 g/sm3
Water content
0.03% Max
Acid value (HCL)
0.03% Max
Residue on evaporation
0.1% Max
Total impurity
1% Max



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