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Zinc Oxide

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Molecular Formula:ZnO

Molecular Weight:81

CAS No:1314-13-2

Property:White powder, innocuous, odorless, stable under normal temperature. Soluble in acid, alkali and ammonium chloride solution, insoluble in water and alcohol.


1.Content: 99% Min & 99.5% Min
Index Item
For Rubber Application--------------For Paint Application
ZnO-X1-- ZnO-X2---------------------ZnO-T1-- ZnO-T2
Zinc Oxide
99.5% Min--99.0% Min----------------99.5% Min-- 99.0% Min
Lead oxide (PbO)
0.12% Max-- 0.2% Max----
Cadmium oxide (CdO)
0.02% Max 0.05% Max ----
Copper oxide (CuO)
0.006% Max -- ----
Manganese (Mn)
0.0002% Max -- ----
Metallic metals (As Zn)
None-- None-- None ----
Insoluble In HCLl solution
0.03% Max 0.04% Max ----
Losses on ignition
0.4% Max-- 0.6% Max---- 0.4% Max-- 0.6% Max
Soluble matters in water
0.4% Max-- 0.6% Max---- 0.4% Max-- 0.6% Max
Screening residues (320 mesh wet screen)
0.28% Max-- 0.32% Max---- 0.28% Max-- 0.32% Max
0.4% Max-- 0.4% Max---- 0.4% Max-- 0.4% Max
Hiding power
----150% Max 150% Max
Oil absorption
---- 18% Max 20% Max
Tint strengthen
---- 100% Min 95% Min
color(compared with standard specimen)
---- Similar to the standard sample
2. Content: 99.7% Min
Zinc oxide
99.7% Min
Metallic metals (Zn)
Lead oxide (Pb)
0.037% Max
Manganese oxide (Mn)
0.0001% Max
Copper oxide (Cu)
0.0002% Max
Insolubles in HCL solution
0.006% Max
Loss on ignition
0.2% Max
Screen residues ( through 45ummesh)
0.10% Max
Volatile matters at 1050С
0.3% Max
3. Pharmaceutical grade
Zinc oxide
According to the test
Carbonates and substances insoluble in acid
According to the test
Arsenic (As)
Not more than 5ppm
Iron (Fe)
Not more than 200ppm
Lead (Pb)
Not more than 50ppm
Loss on Ignition (500'C)
Not more than1.0%



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