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Сerium carbonate

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Molecular Formula:Сe2(CO3)3*ХH2O

Molecular Weight:420.3

CAS No:54451-25-1

Property:A whitish solid moist powder, odorless. Insoluble in water. PH in aqueous solution typ. 6 - 8 The decomposition temperature is more than 400 ° C (conversion to oxide).


Content CeO2
not less than 45 %
Content Fe2O3
not more than 0,0009 %
Content SO4
not more than 0,005 %
Contant Cl
not more than 0,005 %
Contant NO3
not more than0,24 %
Contant Na
not more than 0,0005 %
Cleanliness in the basis
not less than 99,9%



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