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Aluminium Sulphate

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Molecular Formula:Al2(SO4)3·XH2O

CAS No:10043-01-3

Property:Including anhydrous and hydrous (18 crystal water) type. Usually, the crystal separated out from aqueous solution at the normal temperature is Al2(SO)3·18H2O, when weathering, the average molecular structure is Al2(SO4)3·14H2O, may appear white powdery, with bright flake or crystalline flakelet, odorless, to change the taste from sweetness to slight astringency. Dissolve easily in water, do not dissolve in the aqueous solution as the acidity.


15.6% Min-- 15.8-17% Min
0.5% Max-- 0.01% Max
Water insoluble matter
0.2% Max-- 0.1% Max
PH Value (1% water solution)
3 Min-- 3 Min



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